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Bluejay Therapeutics Overview

  • The mission of Bluejay is to develop innovative cures for infectious diseases with the first target indication of chronic HBV infection
  • Develop therapies to cure chronic HBV infection
    • Focus on reduction of HBs antigen (HBsAg) and restoration of adaptive immunity
  • Licensed exclusively global rights to advanced HBV programs
    • Best-in-class anti-HBs-Mab program, fully human IgG1, with clinical candidates identified at pre-GLP tox stage and potential to complete Ph1b clinical safety and efficacy studies within 3 years from start of funding
    • First-in-class HBsAg inhibitor program, oral small molecule, with optimized lead molecules with dose range tox data
    • Capsid Inhibitor program in lead optimization stage with advanced leads of double-digit nM potency
  • Management team with a track record of success in drug discovery and development in Pharma and Biotech industry.

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